Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Jacky Murda's summer festy memory

 wrapup: first up the st paul's carnival roadtrip with my brum crew, meeting up with the runtingz kidz, witnessing the birth of assbook (and of course smashin it to bits fronta 4500 hyped bristolians longside aries) weekend roadtrip with itchy robot, east grinstead's nastiest bassline , and nice guy skeeze..we drove all over that fucking island from south to north, since then chinese bio-engineering firms contacted skeeze for techniques enabling stressed chinese workers to roll breaktime spliffs more efficiently..

boomtown with congo natty fam and pure brizzle and assorted uk much people came from all over...pure x rated tunes in the dancehall and 40 degrees..

and finally outlook festival was like all the other festivals rolled into one big bad and heavy monster... like 15,000 people stong and crazy as mungo's one tooth uncle..oooh mungos

 ..and to finish it all off an intimate festival in the pyranees mountains : mountain bass. with the most tastiest food, best accomodation, and nicest location of the summer

..conceptually ,imo the best festival, with a completely underground lineup of spanish artists! so thats my summer 2011 inna nutshell..

jacky murda

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